Romanticism and Time - Conference - Université de Lille

8-10 November 2018


Thursday 8 November 2018

9.00 am Welcome

9.30-10 Opening Remarks

10-12.15 Plenary Session - Intertexts and Afterlives
Chaired by Paul HAMILTON (Queen Mary, University of London)
David DUFF (Queen Mary, University of London) – “‘Great Time’, the ‘Great Poem’, and the ‘One Great Mind’: The Genealogy of a Romantic Motif”
Laura QUINNEY (Brandeis University) – ‘Beckett and Shelley: The Triumph of Time’
Paul CHIRICO (University of Cambridge) – “A ‘living shadow of fame’? John Clare in the nineteenth-century Press’

12.15-2 pm Lunch Break

2-4.15 Workshops - Romantic Perceptions of Time

•    ‘Blakean Time’
Chaired by Laura QUINNEY (Brandeis University)
Caroline DAUPHIN (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle) – ‘A Brief History of Deep Time: Romantic Prehistory’
Francis GENE-ROWE (Royal Holloway, University of London) – “‘Dialectics at a standstill’: History, Cessation and Remembering in William Blake and Walter Benjamin”
Todd DEARING (Flinders University) – ‘Creating Time: Chronos and Kairos in William Blake’s Jerusalem: The Emanation of the Giant Albion’

•    ‘Embodied Time’
Chaired by Martin PROCHÁZKA (Charles University)
Ralf HAEKEL (University of Geissen) – ‘Falling into Time - The Temporality of Soul and Mind in Romantic Poetry’
Oriane MONTHÉARD (Université de Rouen) – “‘Footing slow across a silent plain’:  Time and Walking in Keatsian Poetics”
Thomas LEBLANC (Université Paris Diderot) – ‘De Quincey/Baudelaire: Tense or Lax Time?’

4.15-4.30 Coffee Break

4.30-5.15 Keynote Address

Paul HAMILTON (Queen Mary, University of London) – “Some Uses of ‘Restoration’ in European Romantic Period Writing”
Chaired by Caroline BERTONÈCHE (Université Grenoble-Alpes)
Friday 9 November 2018

9.00 am Welcome

9.15-10.45 Plenary Session - The Time of Reading
Chaired by Richard SOMERSET (Université de Lorraine)
William FLESCH (Brandeis University) – ‘The Shadows of Futurity (on Wordsworth and Ainslie)’
Emily ROHRBACH (University of Manchester) – ‘Romantic Contingency and the Time of Not Reading’

10.45-11 Coffee Break

11-12 Keynote Address
Kevis GOODMAN (University of California, Berkeley) – “‘A Multitude of Causes’:  Aesthetics, Medicine, and the Embodiment of History”
Chaired by Sophie MUSITELLI (Université de Lille)

12-2 pm Lunch Break

2-4.15 Workshops - Romantic Histories

•    ‘Scott and the Historical Novel’
Chaired by Fiona STAFFORD (University of Oxford)
Camilla CASSIDY (Leuphana Universität) – ‘Twilight Histories: the Waverley Novels and George Eliot’s Fictions of the Recent Past’
David STEWART (Northumbria University) – ‘Mobility, Place and Temporality in the Border Fictions of James Hogg and Walter Scott’
Johannes SCHLEGEL (Julius-Maximilians-Universität) – “‘With duns and with debts we will soon clear our score’: Walter Scott and the Temporality of Liability”

•    ‘History and Revolution’
Chaired by Nicholas HALMI (University of Oxford)
Richard SOMERSET (Université de Lorraine) – ‘Radical Progressivism, Conservative Nostalgia and Narratives of Temporal Process in late-eighteenth century Britain’
Cameron MORIN (Université Paris Diderot) – ‘(Re)creating a Scottish Past: Burns’s Role in the Emergence of National Identity in 18th-century Europe’
Brian E. RODRIGUEZ (University of Missouri and Université Paris-Nanterre) – ‘Time and Structure in Godwin’s St Leon’

4.15-4.30 Coffee Break

4.30 pm Round-table - Romanticism and Periodization
Chaired by David DUFF (Queen Mary, University of London), with
Laurent FOLLIOT (Université Paris Sorbonne)
Nicholas HALMI (University of Oxford),
Martin PROCHÁZKA (Charles University)
Fiona STAFFORD (University of Oxford)

Saturday 10 November 2018

9.00 am Welcome

9.15-10.45 Plenary Session - Arrows and Cycles
Chaired by Kevis GOODMAN (University of California, Berkeley)
Anne ROUHETTE (Université de Clermont Auvergne) – ‘Anachronism and Anachrony in Frankenstein’
Gary KELLY (University of Alberta) – ‘Reading the Course of Time: Romantic Chiliasm and Modernity’

10.45-11 Coffee Break

11-12.30 Workshops - Mechanical and Artistic Experiences of Time

•     ‘Measuring Time: Clocks and Calendars’
Chaired by Thomas DUTOIT (Université de Lille)
Lily DESSAU (Université de Genève) – ‘Contracting Time: The Work of Time in John Clare’s The Shepherd’s Calendar’
Matthew REDMOND (Stanford University) – ‘Thought Clocks in Washington Irving and Charles Lamb’

•    ‘Visualizing Time: Romantic Intermediality’
Chaired by Laurent CHÂTEL (Université de Lille)
Sheila A. SPECTOR (Independent Scholar) – ‘Blake’s Synoptic View of Time’
Leena EILITTÄ (University of Helsinki) – ‘Time and Eternity in the Intermedial Descriptions of British Romantics’

12.30-2 pm Lunch Break

2-3.30 Plenary Session - Memory and Afterlives
Chaired by Céline SABIRON (Université de Lorraine)
Mascha HANSEN (University of Greifswald) – ‘Romantic Women Writers, Education, and the Future’
Chris WASHINGTON (Francis Marion University) – ‘Quantum Life: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Posthuman Spacetime’

3.30 Last Remarks